Distinctive and Stylish Elegance

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Who We Are

At Élan Limousine Service, LLC, we pride ourselves in a training program that is nonexistent in the industry today. We look at providing a quality that exceeds the standards that you expect and deserve. We take training very seriously and take every means to train our staff and professionals on every element of customer service. We want our team to be sharp, on point, and understand your needs, so that we can better serve you. We do not believe in putting our clients in the hands of anyone who is not fully trained to exceed industry standards. After all, you are our valued client and the reason we are here.

The owner’s and staff have over 30 plus years in the transportation industry. They have a knowledge that exceeds others in the current market. We believe that our mission is to provide a service that stands out above and beyond any expectations.

From providing a strong customer service support to highly trained and certified professional chauffeurs in house using our own designed training programs. We will excel in every aspect of private black car transportation.

Just experience for yourself the true meaning behind our words of Distinctive and Stylish Elegance. Élan Limousine Service, LLC.